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Here are a select range of the highest quality health products for the body, mind, heart and soul, chosen with love and care to promote health, happiness and wholeness.


Drucker Labs
intraMAX & Intrakid
intraMAX_intraKID 32 oz_2015
intraMAX® is a great-tasting (peach-mango flavor) liquid multivitamin and mineral nutritional supplement. In just a one-ounce daily dosage, intraMAX provides over 415 essential ingredients, including super greens, over 71 trace minerals with 65 naturally-occurring electrolytes, bioflavonoids, antioxidants, amino acids, vegetables, fruits, herbs and much more! more


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Subconscious Realm

'Subconscious Realm' By Katherine Mynott

The subconscious realm often contains unresolved memories and tasks from the current and past incarnations, which generally need cleansing and releasing.

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