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amnanda moksha

The word ‘Amnanda’ comes from Sanskrit and means ‘Path of Joy’ or ‘Path of Light’. ‘Moksha’ also comes from Sanskrit and means ‘liberation’ or ‘freedom’.  

Amnanda Moksha is an Ayurvedic oil treatment that uses the energy of loving touch to help create more freedom in your life to liberate you from inner blocks and self-limiting behavioural patterns. The feeling of freedom is directly connected to our physical and emotional health and in Amnanda Moksha we use touch to influence the metabolism through the connections between mind and body.

The goal of Amnanda Moksha is the liberation of internal blocks that restrict our personal freedom, self-determination and freedom of choice.

Everyone has experience with blocks and their various effects. Just as complex are the often unconscious causes of these blocks. They arise from life experiences, imprints, conditioning, genetic pre-conditioning or previous lives.

Amnanda Moksha is unlike any other treatment. It works on different levels.

It starts with feeling and also with the metabolic/digestive and reproductive systems, bringing increased energy to the body. It then leads to unconscious responses or conscious thoughts, and onto changed self-reflection. The circle begins – first the feeling, then the thinking, then the change – a triggering of new, positive feelings.

It ultimately removes any sluggishness which have been otherwise difficult to shift. This can have a big positive impact on your state of health. Simultaneously, it helps to release any hang-ups or blockages that you may have, which are holding you back in life. Thereby, it is a very liberating series of treatments.

You can see the effect of Amnanda Moksha on the metabolic system. When we combine touch with a specific oil then at this moment the body produces a lot of hormones and neurotransmitters – dopamine, endorphins and oxytocin for example. This boost to the metabolism can influence the cells of the body and also the connections to the brain. This is how we can actually ‘release’ ourselves from negative patterns, by reframing them and matching them with another context and another feeling. The most important point in Amnanda Moksha is this effect on the hormonal system, the metabolic system.

The goal is a stronger, vital, more authentic you – increased self-determination – more freedom and free will; an experiential realisation that the deeper self is already always free. This then can be embodied and permeate into our day to day life.

What does it involve?

Moksha is a series of a minimum of 6 treatments given about a month apart.

Your entire body apart from your arms is anointed with a special herbal oil in a warm room. The touch is very gentle and your inner feeling in response to the touch will change as the treatments progress. The time between treatments allows the integration of the the circle of feeling, thinking, self-reflection and change into daily life.

A special Moksha oil is used. The treatment oil is of the highest quality. All of its ingredients originate from an organic cultivation method. No chemical, synthetic or preservative ingredients are used.

what are the treatment goals?

Amnanda Moksha can be used for example to help people:

  • Who have a wish to make some sort of change but find they continually return to old patterns
  • Who have difficulty in communication on different levels
  • Who have a feeling they are stuck with their health, habits and/or purpose in life
  • Who have reached a cross roads in their lives

But you don’t need a specific reason to embark on the Moksha journey. It’s a beautiful beneficial process for everyone.

Positive feelings can be conditioned through the process of Moksha. They can lead to positive emotions and to corresponding changes in the inner state of mind and outer behavior.

Amnanda Moksha is suitable for women aged 22 and over and men aged 27 and over. Please note that I only offer Amnanda Moksha to female clients.

Amnanda Moksha Treatment Price & Details:

£95 per treatment (allow up to 65 mins per session)

I use the highest quality socially sustainable products in my practice:
~ Fresh and individual earth friendly compostable sheets.
~ A new bottle of the highest quality organic oil blend made in Germany for each client on every visit.
~ Organic essential oil for oil diffuser.

Appointments are at the Centre for Natural Healing:
Violet Hill Studios
6 Violet Hill
London NW8 9EB

Violet Hill Studios is a beautiful, harmonious, healing oasis to receive Amnanda. I feel truly blessed to be able to work in this venue. It’s an extended family for practitioners and clients alike with spirit, love, care and warmth at its core.


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