‘Until you can see everything in the world as your friend, your work is not done.’

Byron Katie

what others say…

Yoga Testimonials

‘I’ve found the last couple of terms with you absolutely brilliant – I have to say that I had not expected the mindfulness to be quite so good, and I’m hugely enjoying that aspect.  I’m a lot more flexible than I was at the start too, which is no bad thing!’

RS, Pinner

‘I want to thank you for the positivity and calmness that yoga has given me ! I feel a sense of balance in my life now . I had pain in my knees and climbing steps was a torture but not any more , and it’s not even been six months ! I only wish I could practice more at home !! Thanks once again for transforming peoples’ lives.’

AK, Pinner

‘I want to thank you as when I joined your classes I hadn’t practiced for a while, I was recovering from an emotional trauma and going through a transition. Your classes helped me to reconnect with me again, your teaching style was so natural, welcoming and comforting and was exactly what i needed at the time. You helped me to reintroduce yoga into my life and reawaken my passion as well as my belief in it’s transformative power.’

JG, Harrow

‘I also just wanted to say how much I’m enjoying your yoga class, it’s everything I had hoped for – spiritual, really helps my breathing and a tough but great all body stretch. Thanks very much.’

JD, Pinner

‘Thanks Mita – it has been lovely to meet you and learn from you. Your teachings have been an enormous source of support this year and i’m grateful to have been able to learn from you.’

JH, Harrow

‘I am very greatful for the teachings you both have shared with us. I have much more confidence in my capacity to manage challenging situations.’

BD, Harrow

‘I am very much enjoying the classes – feel great afterwards and find the ‘philosophical’ element thought provoking and stimulating.’

GS, Harrow

Thank you so much for starting me off on my yoga journey which I’m continuing well at home at the moment. I love your style and awareness of being and long may it continue to inspire others as it has me.

PM, Bournemouth

‘I am thoroughly enjoying my yoga practice and even on days when I’m sure I don’t want to move or feel unwell, I always come home feeling restored! Thank you.’

SN, Sudbury

‘I love the meditative element and the work you do on my whole being – energy channels, spine, muscles, incorporating the breath and training the body and mind to relax whilst working. I feel awakened and energized after yoga. It has been so valuable getting a deeper understanding of the postures when you explain their benefits and also how to do them correctly, to avoid damaging/straining the affected parts of the body.’

SM, Pinner

‘For me Mita’s yoga class is an essential nourishment for my soul and a complete mind, body and spirit experience. I have been attending Mita’s yoga classes for many years and I always go away learning something different after each class. Each class is a unique experience. Thank you Mita!’

HS, Eastcote

‘Thank you for being an amazing yoga teacher – I’ve loved it.’

SP, Harrow

Its been wonderful doing yoga with you. I am loving this one and half hour time in class.’

BC, Pinner

‘Mita’s class is such a healing experience.  I used to experience severe muscle pain due to my M.E. and lower back problems.  I couldn’t believe it, in just one Yoga session doing as much as I was able and comfortable to do, I saw a 50 percent improvement in my flexibility and muscular pain.  Mita has an ability to assist the body back into balance from a deep profound place.

LC, Kings Langley

I started yoga classes with Mita in my late 50s hoping to improve my flexibility and to help with a knee problem I had at the time. Yoga did both. What I hadn’t expected and what proved to be a real bonus was the effect yoga had on my feeling of well-being. I learnt how to relax and focus on what was really important in my life and let go of what wasn’t. All this proved invaluable when I became seriously ill and needed many unpleasant investigations, an operation and chemotherapy. The strategies acquired doing yoga helped me at this difficult time. It seems that yoga is not just about physical well-being but also about spiritual well-being. I highly recommend yoga to anyone.’

MG, Pinner

‘Ever get the feeling you’re going to be doomed by indecision the rest of your life?  I seem to spend my entire time thinking, I know, I’ll do this, then, no, I’ll do that.  My latest thought was, teach yoga – inspired by you.  I phone and speak to a BWY teacher enquiring about the teacher training course, I’m told how much text book work is involved and how much money, £3,600 then realise, the only non BWY teacher I have ever been to is the only teacher who has ever inspired me, the only teacher that teaches, in my mind, the purest, the yoga that from what I understand it to be, the heart of yoga.  I can’t put my finger on what it is that makes this class different, It’s just a feeling that leaves me wanting to understand more. Mita, you are an inspiration and I thank you.

CM, Pinner

The class was EXCELLENT yesterday… I was zonked out big time after it…. As I haven’t done yoga for a while it totally zones me out and it also makes me feel a little sick (I remember this from the first time I ever tried yoga… guess I am shifting my energy back to its normal, happy place and that takes a bit of pain?).  I have to say you have always been a really great and inspiring teacher but you are now 10 fold better than I ever knew before…’

JM, Ruislip

By Selina Swayne


By Selina Swayne

The cosmic nature of Quartz as a window between Heaven and Earth.

Amnanda Process Testimonials

‘The only way i can describe Amnanda is as a gift of a lifetime. It’s been a journey of self-discovery and transformation while feeling so incredibly loved, supported and held by Mita’s beautiful energy and healing hands.
It’s difficult to put amnanda into words, its such a gentle experiential process that has helped to liberate me from past trauma and old belief systems leading me to experience life in ways i could never have imagined’

~ SS, Alternative & Holistic Health Practitioner

‘Today was my last treatment with Mita on the Amnanda pathway. I feel truly happy (Amnanda means path of joy). Personally I have felt a very positive impact both physically and mentally and I certainly seem to attract positiveness from others.I am deeply grateful and appreciative of Mita’s professionalism throughout the treatment, from beginning to end. At the start of every session it was apparent that Mita had prepared herself well, knew me and my history as an individual and she would always ask about the changes I felt between sessions. She explained clearly as to what the ‘theme’ at each session would be and kept me engaged and informed at each stage of the treatment.

Mita has truly ‘healing hands’ with the oils and accompanied by her passion for the treatment. I felt very pampered and Mita made me fully at ease. She also answered all my questions with expertise. The treatment doesn’t end when the sessions are completed! 

If you feel you are at cross roads in your life and feel uncertain about yourself, your health, relationships and stressed with other concerns I would recommend this treatment. It leaves you with a wonderful, stress free feeling over time with lots of positiveness. Thank you Mita for looking after me so well!’

~ DS, Financial Controller

‘I have spent the 12 months seeing Mita for a course of amnanda therapy. I have looked forward to each session and it has been exceptionally helpful to me to take time out and to spend this time with Mita who made me feel at ease immediately.It is always a pleasure to spend time with Mita. She is without fail welcoming and warm and when in her company, it is a profound experience, that leaves one reflecting and making sense of things in a different way. Mita holds up a mirror to see oneself so much more clearly and her openness and clarity of thinking are a rare gem.

She explains the process at every step and at the end of each session I always felt that sometimes very special had happened, which I would ponder until our next session. Every session felt bespoke, sensitive and personal. Thank you Mita for your love and kindness!’

~ IG, Psychotherapist

‘Flames of Yahweh’

By Katherine Mynott

There are four sacred flames connected to the heart which activate the ability to co-create your destiny here on earth, and activate the highest level of responsibility and commitment to your spiritual path.

Meditation Testimonials

Thank you for the amazing journey!!
I was searching for a way to stop the constant “inside voice” always planning, always worrying and always questioning.
I learnt from the course that I could still that voice with acceptance, being grateful and accepting whatever happens sometimes just happens and there are no answers. And I take a deep breath and release.

ML, Harrow

I’ve really enjoyed the iRest course. It has been an opportunity to reflect on my yoga and meditation practice and to go deeper and further (though of course I still feel like a novice!).

It has been really helpful for me to think of a ‘toolkit’ with practical, tangible applications for daily life.  I’ve found it possible, using this framework – to work on real issues arising in my life during meditation sessions.  At the same time, I’ve been able (more than ever before) to bring some of the elements of the mediation practice into my daily life – and the effect has been amazing!

I’ve also really appreciated, as ever, your great skill and warmth as a guide and teacher –  subtle, deeply accepting and always welcoming – thank you.

GS, Kenton

‘My reasons for wanting to take up meditation were primarily to have some peace of mind. I wanted to not always be so pessimistic, take a step back think about how to react without reacting in a negative way. I thnk your course has given me the foundations to start this way of life and more importantly live in this moment. All in all for myself I think it was one of the most valuable and positive experiences of my life and I will work very hard to make it a way of life.

RM, Watford

‘I absolutely loved your meditation class.  I wasn’t sure what to expect when I started but it was everything I hoped it would be and more. Your clear and concise method of teaching gave me the tools to go away with during the week and practice.  I surprised myself that I was sometimes able to achieve the level of inner peace I found in the class on my own at home.  This happened with greater regularity – this has given me the confidence to continue with my ongoing development and I believe, make meditation part of my lifelong everyday.  I believe meditation has given me a certain level of freedom from the complexities of life and I’m learning that I have ‘choice’ in who I am. I loved the intimacy of the group.  I loved learning about other people’s development over the previous week, it’s very easy to think “it’s all about you” but it was grounding to hear of other peoples lives and experiences.  Monday nights are always a tricky one for me and it’s very easy to ‘bail’ out of a commitment, this was not the case with your class.  I could have quite happily sat for 3 hours!!!  I found myself waiting to go on a Monday night.  It’s been a bit like therapy.’

LC, Hatch End

‘I would like to say thank you for the last six weeks. I have enjoyed the spiritual journey and you have helped me to regain a perspective on my meditation practice and what it might mean to fall awake. I have appreciated the way you have skilfully weaved theory with practice, but most of all, your generosity of inviting us into your home and sharing meditation practices with us and the potentials this may offer. I was looking for exactly what you offer, it was just around the corner and for me this represents a greater metaphor for practice and living. Of course the challenge is to maintain the practice and maintain ‘intentionality’. The course absolutely met my objectives. The mix of theory, practice, your website and sharing the notes within half an hour of the end of each session was comprehensive and containing. You allowed practice between sessions with your audio downloads, which I will continue to use after the sessions have come to an end and this will allow me to remain connected to practice and renew my learning from the sessions.  The delivery in all aspects was authentic, spiritual and professional but most importantly each session felt contained and embodied the spirit of non-judging and acceptance. If anyone has even the remotest interest in meditation and mindfulness and wishes to start a journey of what it may mean to fall awake, then these sessions with Mita will be fascinating, enriching and quite possibly a catalyst for personal positive change and growth.’

IGS, Harrow

‘The classes were an excellent way of reaffirming the meditation and kept me focused. Now once they are over, till I have a very strong self discipline, I think it would be great to attend refresher / group meditation sessions. I found the course very good. It has helped me to be calmer during the stressful situations and it has made me feel that through meditation there is so much to be achieved at a personal level.’

AM, Pinner

‘I’m happy to say that the course more than met my objectives. My intention was to find my way back to a more spiritual way of life and your meditation course was the perfect first step. I particularly enjoyed the serenity and the energy of your home. You always intuitively raised topics that were pertinent to me at that time. All in all, a great experience and a great start to realigning myself to a better way of life. My legs struggled at times to stay in position for longer than 20 mins or so. This is something I hope to overcome as I meditate more and more. After all, this is an ongoing project…Thank you once again for your generous teaching.’

AN, Sudbury

‘The course did meet my objectives. It gave me an education and understanding on what meditation is and with your experience learned how to meditate in a guided and meaningful manner. It is obviously now up to me to carry on with the practice. Thank you.’

SP, Wembley

‘Thank you for your guidance, patience, love in teaching me some of your beautiful unconditional lessons, most of all your love.’

SV, Stanmore

‘The course exceeded my expectations, as not only introduced various methods of meditation but what differentiate it was the spiritual guidance that complemented the process I joined the course to help back on the path that I had lost in the chaos of everyday life, I was desperately looking for a quiet mind to help me re-focus and bring balance to everyday life.  I came to look forward to my weekly session and have already started missing it, I can’t recommend Mita enough as a mentor and teacher.’

MR, Harrow

I wanted to say a huge thanks to you for organising  such a beautiful class. I found the environment very warm, welcoming & instantly peaceful. The course itself was well set out with a combination of techniques which were taught in the class & then the recorded guided meditation which we could do at home.  The handouts give me a good insight into meditation, the benefits & a reminder of what I could achieve.  A combination of your notes & your website have been like finding undiscovered treasure.  I want to personally thank you for providing me with the tools to start my new & exciting journey. I am really looking forward to finding peace & becoming more mindful day by day.  I feel the course did meet my objectives as a complete beginner to meditation. In fact it exceeded my expectations as I did not realise the full extent of meditation before I started.’

SK, Harrow

‘Thank you for lovely meditation training which met all my expectations and more.  Mita I loved your passion and enthusiasm you showed during the meditation course. The course allowed me to experience different forms of meditation which we can all benefit from even those of us who feel we don’t have time.  Thank you for your guidance and in-depth notes.’

HB, Stanmore

‘Am really enjoying the class and feel like I have finally found a new way to deal with the hurdles life throws at you. Especially last night the mantra you played had me in tears all the way home. Like it hit me somewhere deep within. I lost my father recently and I was very close to him and the meditation is really already helping me. 10 years ago I was a very calm and positive person. Everyone I knew had never seen me stressed I had such a relaxed thinking in life. But marriage children business and my fathers loss all in the last decade have pushed me to a person I never have been or was meant to be. Thank you as I already feel I am regaining myself. I will not let anything stop me from finding time for this journey you have helped me back on’

AM, Pinner

‘Thank you very much for wonderful 6 weeks, I will miss my Wednesday gatherings but will keep up with the practice. I have been sticking to daily meditation, rather surprisingly, for first time in my life. I find it helpful to do the body scan for better concentration before meditation if I have time.  I think the thing that has been helpful to me was that it was a well structured course; you did go through the expectations  and possible ups and downs in meditation rather clearly at the beginning of the course, then you introduced varied techniques one by one and explained how to put the practice together. I am sort of person who gets bored quickly so having different techniques to be mindful has been very helpful.  Focusing meditation at the moment is easier than expanding awareness at present so will stick to the focusing for a while. I also found the audio most useful, I am an auditory learner and initially I need  to hear instructions several times before the steps sink in! Thank you mita for all your help and to introduce me properly to the wonderful practice.’

HS, Wembley

‘What can I say. short six weeks of meditation has given me a lot. Mita before the classes I felt as if I was loosing my real self within me, at times some nights I was afraid to be alone with myself-like trying to focus and sleep. after a few days struggle I literally had to take something to sleep. But now I can focus with breathing and and I am ok within myself. Not afraid with my thoughts anymore and can concentrate with breathing and calm my thinking and really I am nearly back myself. I can sleep better and calmly. This makes me a very happy person when I wake up- wow I actually slept ok. I am actually more calm & enjoying with my 2 grand kids now. When you talked about meditation in deep I was lost,- I think in session 5. When I looked around the room I felt a few others were like me. But Looking at notes I feel may be this with practice will make more sense.’ Mita, I do not have any stronger words to thank you and I love you for this, that I have received from you.’ ‘I have been practicing Isha Kriya 20 minutes twice a day , most days and body scan last thing in bed, and I am sleeping very well. Some nights I do not finish body scan, as I am in sleep already. I am more relaxed now and can notice changes in my self for the better. Thanks to you for introducing these two to me.’

JP, Kenton

‘Thanks also for all your wonderful lessons and guidance this year, I still employ plenty of the techniques. My meditation practises are continuing to grow and develop. I’m certainly feeling the benefits.’

LM, Pimlico

‘The course involves a good balance of theory/learning and actual practice, in a warm and non judgmental environment. Over the six weeks I have learnt different techniques, and feel I have gone deeper with my practice than I would have done left to my own devices. I found the experience of meditating with a group of people, all on their own spiritual paths, powerful and uplifting. After each class, I would leave with a sense of stillness, and most importantly I think the course has helped me to bring that stillness into my day to day life, regardless of what is going on in my outer world. I would highly recommend the class – regardless of any previous experience or preconceptions about meditation.’ ‘Thanks Mita – I really did enjoy the course.’

HA, Harrow

‘First of all I would like to thank you for all your hard work and your time to organise meditation and yoga classes which will benefit  people who are so eager to go on the spiritual path! I learnt a lot and after every lesson I went home with full of positive energy. All I have to do now is practice! I very much enjoyed the  whole meditation course and the time spent with the whole class. Thank you!’

RW, West Drayton

‘Thanks so much for your encouragement. I am enjoying the classes very much. I am learning a lot. You always create such a beautiful spiritual atmosphere. You  have also inspired me to be more disciplined in my daily practise.’

CP, Wembley

‘Thanks for all of your wonderful time and effort you have put in on the course over the last six weeks. I’m going to miss Wednesday’s meditations. The course was just what I needed for expanding my own personal practise. You provided me with some great insights into what meditation should be about and improved my mentality towards meditation. The course also gave me several different methods of meditation, to help my practises grow and improve. We covered a lot over the six weeks and I will continue to build on the solid foundation the course provided me with. I look forward to catching up for future meditation group. I enjoy the different power that group meditations provide.’

LM, Pimlico

‘I found the meditation course very useful and inspiring. The combination between your reading, explanations and practice exercises has been wonderful to have a better understanding about what meditation is and the ways that can help us. Also, your place is very inspiring and loving, and the notes that you has typed about the sessions are very useful.’

MR, Pinner

‘With Mita’s meditation course, I have discovered that meditation is bringing me a key to face all these challenges. Going deeper and deeper in myself with the practise, has taught me to take time to “breath life” and is making me feel more and more in at peace with myself. This freedom is very exciting: I feel strong, real, able to make choices without any guilt. And strangely enough, this “new light from inside” is helping me to achieve even more but in a laid-back way. And more importantly, I understand my life from a wider picture in which all that may not really matter… I wouldn’t say meditation is straight forward. It’s asking an unconditional motivation. But Mita’s course is amazing because herself, she is a very special person. And very slowly but surely with all her wise advice, I feel my little inside light growing. And I’m really looking forward to the moment this light will be big enough to enlighten all the people around me… Thank you so much Mita,  I will never be grateful enough for having shown me the way….!’

FR, Moor Park

‘I attended a beginners meditation course before & I must say I learned & gained so much more from Mita’s one. You cover a few different techniques, all of which I loved. You get a different experience from each one and you’ll find one that resonates with you more so. I know this course has given me the foundation I needed to introduce meditation into my daily life. You’re given the tools you need on this course but it is up to you to use them. Mita is a wonderful person & teacher & I would recommend this course to anyone looking to learn to meditate or expand on their current practice.

MD, Harrow

The course has helped me ensure that meditation is part of my daily routine.  I also have a choice of meditations I can listen to depending on the time available which means that it is unlikely I can ever say that I don’t have time.  It is my focus at the start of the day and although I have not experienced any earth shattering experiences or revelations, I am certain that if I continue I can come to a deeper understanding of my essential nature. Thank you again for your wonderful course.’

BL, Shepherds Bush

‘Thanks again for a wonderful session last night. I am beginning to feel calmer for the first time in a very long time, and – most importantly – to be in control of when and how I can become calm. In addition, I am also beginning to sleep better for the first time in many months, & that in itself is a huge gift. It has, quite literally, changed my life.’

LS, Ealing

‘Thank you so much for a fantastic first session of the meditation course last night. I find your teaching to be extremely clear, informative, realistic, and helpful in all ways. You made me feel very comfortable and welcome.Thank you for this, and for the excellent follow-up resources – the notes and audio. My consciousness of moment by moment awareness is greater since doing the course, and I am finding myself returning to my breath, and doing things with awareness more. Thank you so much for what you are giving us, and for your example.’

VE, Pinner

‘I really want to say Thank you so much to educate me of how important to do meditation everyday. You words became more very important and valuable since i’ve been back to Japan. Be still, pay attention, listen and be my centre…’

IN, Japan

‘Firstly, Mita did a first class job setting the scene.  The environment is beautiful, serene and welcoming.  Secondly, Mita’s ability to teach is inspiring.  The subjects chosen each week were relevant, interesting and left me wanting to find out more, (the sign of a good teacher.)  Thirdly, I have learnt not to judge myself when meditating, that I am not ruled by my thoughts or my ego and I have a CHOICE!  I made the right one making this wonderful journey with Mita’.

HL, Wembley

‘I love the way meditation was explained in a simplest  practical practice which can be incorporated in our daily life.  This course has made me more aware of my breathing, body and myself.  It has surely changed my attitude towards life and I feel very relaxed and calm after a meditation session. The course was excellent with a combination the meditation practice and readings, it was well spaced to keep the delegates focused especially since it was late in the night and most of us were tired after a day’s work.’

VD, Harrow

‘Thank you very much for the meditation course and your kind caring advice, techniques and friendly teachings. I found the meditation class environment very calm and peaceful and the teacher (Mita) was friendly, caring and has got full knowledge about the mediation and teaches with excellent method and techniques. This course has given me hope and happy life in the sense that it made me realise that by practising meditation and following techniques taught by Mita, showed me how to overcome our mind’s weakness and allow us to enjoy life (food, nature, peace, etc) and to be grateful and happy with the life the way it is now without the need to change anything.’

VD, Harrow

‘There are very few things in life that have the potential to be ‘life changing’ and I believe that Mita’s meditation course is one of these.  Mita is both eloquent and selfless in the way she teaches and I found Mita, the course and class mates to be a joy. I look forward to putting into practise her teachings.This course breaks down any myth about meditation.’

BV, Stanmore

I had some experience of meditation before attending the course but always believed I was terrible at it. I joined this course hoping that I could learn to meditate better…but I actually learned more than that. Over six weeks we were taught a number of techniques to help focus the mind. I began to understand that minds always wander and that I needed to accept that rather than see it as a failure. All the practice I did at home began to get easier and allowing myself some time to meditate in my very busy life gave me the space I needed to assess how I was feeling and what I could do to help myself. It doesn’t make my life less busy but it has helped me not to operate on automatic pilot, missing large chunks of my life as I go and crashing every few months from the exhaustion!!

MS, Ealing

‘It gave me the perfect opportunity to embrace this wonderful practice into my daily life. The course was beautifully delivered and was thoroughly enjoyable.

AS, Stanmore

’I enjoyed the meditation course immensely and it more than met my objectives. The only limitations to the course have been those I’ve imposed upon myself as I am still trying to fully apply all the principles that you taught us and am finding it a bit of a challenge to practice regularly. However, as you said yourself, once you are on the path to spiritual evolution, there is no going back! I found the course to be very positive and spiritually uplifting. It was very interesting to learn about and practice the different ways of meditating and find the one that resonated with me rather than being taught just one particular method. I also enjoyed the many interesting discussions we had in the group as you gave us all a chance to air our thoughts. The class definitely helped to de-stress me after a typically hectic day and enabled me to sleep much better and hence wake up the next day with an increased sense of energy and well being and a much more positive attitude. More importantly, it helped me to look at the limitations of the ego more closely and to go further in letting it go..’

AP, Pinner

‘Fantastic 6 weeks of learning to meditate. Infact, it was completely different to what I thought meditation was or would be like before the classes. I was pleasantly surprised that there are so many ways to meditate especially mantra, chanting and walking meditation. The most important was the fact that in order to meditate, I don’t have to stop thinking or block my thoughts but to accept them and let them be. Really enjoyed it and now will be practicing it on a regular basis. Would highly recommend it to those who want to learn meditation and understand the theory behind meditation.’

DP, Barnet

‘For those like me who cannot commit to a regular course, this 6 week learner course on meditation will give you the tools to make a positive change in your life. The techniques you will learn and the insight into meditation is all you need to make a change. Thereafter its down to you and you alone. I would highly recommend course this to anyone who has a hectic and an unpredictable lifestyle and is looking for long term techniques to help them.’

SS, Harrow

‘It was a wonderful experience, and I am so grateful to Mita. I am glad that I have decided to join this course. It’s lovely to meditate with Mita in that lovely environment, and I could really feel the benefit of meditation. I found that the actual experience is very important, as books couldn’t give it to you by just reading them. And practice on your own is not the same as the practice with a good guidance in a nice environment.

MA, Clapham

’The course has been a great refresher to unfold the techniques that are naturally within us to help us to reconnect to our source, our true nature and the peace within us. It brings home the importance of silent sitting, and to allow the gift of using our breath to help focus our minds. It was great to see like minded individuals come together and share their experiences and the guidance you gave will be invaluable in days to come as we go through life’s tests and see the power of meditation as the practice becomes integrated into our daily lives.’

DS, Stanmore

The meditation class was really lovely – thank you. This is my first time experiencing guided meditation in this manner using visualisations – quite mind blowing! I’m not really sure if I can explain clearly, but I just felt calm, in-line with my surroundings – I think I still feel it; it’s like the vibration has just carried on…’

KC, Harrow

Thank you for the six week course in meditation/meditative techniques. I enjoyed and am still enjoying being on this journey of self awareness. It has introduced me to the process of becoming aware of, and learning to control thought patterns by being mindful – introduced the concept of karma and the impressions we create and the recurring karma that follows. This has enabled me to witness and respond with greater awareness rather than to react on autopilot. I still lapse in to the auto-pilot mode, but at least I’m aware of that now. I am trying to practice with awareness the principles of non-judgement that we discussed over the sessions and have found in various aspects of daily life (just over this last week) that not only does it make me a more content and compassionate being, but it enables me to listen actively…. I’m still at the very early stages of this journey and have a long way to go as the layers gradually unfold. I have also learnt that I need to be non-judgemental of myself as the layers unfold. I enjoyed all of our sessions and felt that all were very valuable – thank you for sharing your knowledge, insights and your experiences with us. Yoga and meditation go hand in hand and it has evoked/awakened feelings of gratitude and awareness of my being, in the present and of all life around. I’m sure this will make me a more kinder, compassionate and loving being. I hope that there will be opportunities in the near future for similar discussions and sharing spiritual insights and knowledge. (I’m sure I’ll need to be reminded and encouraged or supported every now and then!) Thank you so much for a wonderful course.’

KS, Dentist. Southgate

’Thank YOU for a lovely class yesterday. I am really enjoying it. Although I’m not yet applying the principles fully, I feel that i’m still gaining a great deal of benefit from the classes! I felt a lot of love and light yesterday and it’s the first time I was really able to let myself go..Thanks for providing me with the inspiration that I’ve been in search of.’

AP, Pinner

’The course is excellent and has really helped motivate me to meditate. I have become a calmer, happier and healthier person. My mind is clearer and I am able to take all the challenges of my life in my stride. Through meditation I feel as though I can nurture the spiritual side of my self.’

PS, Bushey

’Anyway, what I wanted to say first and foremost is that I have so enjoyed attending classes with you. I’ve always appreciated the way you speak and the way the class flows. It will take a special teacher to match you!’

MN, Moor Park

‘Thank you very much for teaching me meditation. I feel like a new person. I am much calmer. I do not react abruptly to people if something is said. I feel much happier from within.’

MS, Harrow

‘Thanks Mita for all your incredible hard work and your wisdom and guidance.’

HS, Eastcote  

‘Thank you for a great course in meditation. Unfortunately I did not come to all the sessions but it has helped me a lot in being staying calm and focused during testing times in my recent life. The course is highly recommendable and I will let others know about it.’

NS, Pinner

‘Mita, I want to thank you for your warm and open discussions where you shared your knowledge and experiences as possible pathways and left the door open for us to carry our practices forward more as seekers rather than a particular format. I will keep your comment about all knowledge being within us and the journey is to awaken this and not sleep walk forefront in my mind.’

VD, Stanmore

‘I need to write to you to thank you from the bottom of my heart for this meditation course. Despite the fact that I’m so busy now and people telling me:’the last thing you need right now is a course’, it happened in the perfect timing. This course was one of the best things I have ever done. It came in the right moment in my life and helped me overcome some turbulent times. I feel richer inside and feel like I evolved in the recent months. It also help my marriage and brought more depth in the way I look at the world and communicate.

AD, Kingsbury


By Katherine Mynott

Showing 12 strands of DNA making up the human genetic code, of which material science currently knows of 2 strands only.

Retreat Testimonials

‘Loved everything, the yoga practices, the location, food and the company. The location was so serene and very condusive for meditation.  The yoga practices and information Mita imparted was second to none. Having come back and putting things that we learned into practice is making a difference already.’

JS, Harrow

‘I loved the sense of flow, which appeared seamless for each day and the sense of foundation and structure that underpinned each day. The ability to access a safe, welcoming, respectful and kind space where one could be an individual and also have a sense of a collective commonality. Also the location and retreat itself could not have been better, fantastic food and excellent hosts, nothing better than having home cooked food lovingly prepared whilst we are working hard with yoga and meditation. I am humbled to have been invited on this retreat. Mita has such a rich array of material, skills and techniques. She has clearly put extensive effort and preparation time into this which was evident throughout.’

IG, Harrow

‘I loved Everything! No seriously, having never been on a retreat before I genuinely didn’t know what to expect but this went beyond anything imaginable. From the incredible love + support of Mita, her family + all the other guests it truly created a special space. The house and grounds were beautiful giving enough space when needed + the closeness for the group to really bond over mealtimes + walks. The rooms were simple but beautiful, perfect, I wouldn’t have wanted anything more. The food delicious + nutritious + surprisingly kept me full up for long enough. Helen and her team were fantastic always happy to help with whatever was needed or just to be around for a lovely chat. The therapies offered really suited the style of the retreat and were truly nourishing. Mita, your classes were just perfect in every way allowing a space to be vulnerable + held. The day of silence was incredibly profound allowing me to delve deeper into myself. The retreat was completely unique and for me was like a dream come true. I can’t thank you enough for holding such a beautiful space at a time when I truly needed to surrender + let go.

I feel that Mita is incredibly attuned to the groups needs + energy + the programme reflected that in every way. I feel very blessed to have had the opportunity to join, so thank you to all of you for making me feel so welcome + at home.’

SS – Mill Hill

‘I loved the energy and thoughtfulness of Mita and her family- and the other people on the retreat. It was all perfect. it was honestly so lovingly and meticulously thought through that I would not change anything. Thank you so much for all your incredible work.’

DA, Oxford

‘The retreat was above and beyond my expectations. Loved the resort, every nook & cranny. Lovely walk & day trip. Great meditation & yoga. Would recommend it 1000%! Was stressed before coming, can’t believe how relaxed & rejuvenated I feel…’

PC, Harrow

’The retreat definately met my expectations. I loved the location. Mita & Sanjay, you both are amazing, so accomodating and such lovely spirits. The food was superb, staff were very good. The group numbers were just right and perfect amount of yoga & meditation. Would highly recommend it to others. Thank you Thank you Thank you…’

KC, Harrow

‘I came with no expectations, just a need to get some down time & rest. WOW! This place is magical beyond belief – a treasure to be found around every corner and the caves had such a special energy.
Mita’s caring & nurturing guidance was perfect and i feel really looked after by both herself & Sanjay. I loved the structure of each day starting with the energetic asanas practice with space during the day to just be and ending in meditations. Really got so much from Mita’s wisdom teachings & life lessons and enjoyed the video sessions. I will return home with much to reflect on. I came here really exhausted and wired up after a challenging year but feel I have been offered the space to come back to myself. Thank you…
Would absolutely definately recommend ot to others…’

DP, Pinner

‘The retreat 100% met my expectations. What I liked was the pace that yoga/meditation was set at. Venue was amazing with lots of great surprises and excellent food Thank you Mita for a wonderful time and all the support from Sanjay…’

MB, Coventry

‘The retreat was beyond my expectations! First of all, thank you to Mita who led wonderful classes. Yoga was fun and hard at times. Meditation was really good even though i drifted away at times. Mita has re-ignited my passion for yoga, Thank you. Sanjay, what can i say? Thank you for making this retreat as comfortable as it could be. Thank you from the deepest of my heart to both of you for making a lasting impression. I would definately recommend it to my family & friends especially the guys!
The venue was stunning, had a certain energy which allowed everyone to be releaxed together and on their own. Excursions were great…’

SP, Pinner

‘The retreat met and exceeded my expectations! I loved the sense of space, the silent day, the yoga practice in the morning & meditation in the evening – a perfect balance.
YEs would recommend it to others as long as there is space for me!
The venue was sublime – a great place with such amazing energy. Trip to Ronda was great as was the walk.’

HS, Pinner

‘The retreat exceeded my expectations. I had known that there would be fabulous yoga & meditation sessions, but the venue was fabulous, the food was delicious and everything was so comfortable. I had not expected to laugh so much. The times sitting chatting to others were very special. I also enjoyed the silent period much more than expected.
I would absolutely recommend it to others. I would say -‘say yes and book as soon as you hear about a retreat with Mita – you will not regret it!
I loved the venue with all the little touches. The videos in the afternoon were very interesting & thought provoking.
I enjoyed the visit to Ronda & the walk as it was nice to get outside of the retreat.
I loved it!…’

CB, Harrow



By Katherine Mynott

Nine of the dimensions of reality. Our world view is based on the 3rd dimensional perspective, but there are spiritual forces at work above and below our level of reality.