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the amnanda process

Amnanda is a profound 2000 year old Ayurvedic process developed from a Tibetan tradition. Originally practised by monks, it was made available to us through Baba Ramdas Swami, a Tibetan monk and Ayurvedic master.  It is a transformational therapeutic treatment that ultimately develops the complete wellbeing, balance and peace within the individual.
In Sanskrit ‘Am’ translates as gateway or pathway, ‘Ananda’ translates to bliss. Therefore, Amnanda is the Gateway to Bliss and this is readily experienced and seen by clients. The Amnanda process is a real life-changer. Mainly because most of the necessary healing is done in the process bringing most if not all who have undergone the treatment in a position to take control of their well being and perception.
I feel that it deeply resonates with the self transformative rejuvenating effects of yoga practice allowing us to gently release accumulated patterns and blocks.
According to Ayurveda, physical and mental tension and unresolved life experiences leaves a residual trace in our cells and tissues in the form of crystalline structures. These residues and accumulated patterns shape our physical as well as our mental and emotional being negatively impacting our health as well as our ability to heal and often lead to premature signs of ageing. Amnanda helps dissolve these residues so that regeneration and revitalisation on a physical cellular level becomes possible as well as on a mental/ emotional and a more subtle spiritual level, restoring a youthful vitality, wellbeing and an enhanced perception of life supporting our ability for greater ease and resilience.
In Ayurvedic terms, the Amnanda treatment is considered a ‘rasayana’ – which means renewing or rejuvenating – and the herbs and oils used in Amnanda are selectively chosen for their restorative effects on the body and mind. The age-accelerating effects of chronic stress is well studied and one of the secrets to anti-aging, together with specific herbs and oils, is an inner balance and peace which is developed more and more through the Amnanda processes.

What does it involve?

What does it involve?

The Amnanda Process is made up of twelve oil treatments carried out once a month over the course of a year. The process should be completed within one year, ideally at one month intervals but in practice it is sometimes necessary to re-schedule appointments and so we can have 2 – 6 weeks in between treatments.

At the start of the session we discuss what is happening for you in your life together with any feelings or experiences that may have arisen in the previous month. Then follows the treatment where specially prepared herb-infused oils are gently touched into the body with wholehearted unconditional love for about 40 minutes. The body is anointed with herbal oil monthly as opposed to being massaged. This is followed by about 5 minutes rest at the end of the treatment to process the effects of the Amnanda session. The treatment is gentle, subtle and deeply relaxing.

The cleansing and healing effects of the oil treatments are further supported by drinking two specially formulated herbal teas: Amaiva Green Tea boosts the immune system and Woman/Man Vital Tea helps support the hormonal system. Also, for two months during the year, a tincture is taken daily to strengthen and tone the skin and connective tissue.

The Amnanda Process is a journey that unfolds over the year – releasing the effects of stress, painful life experiences or trauma held in different areas of the body and at deeper levels with each successive treatment. Amnanda may help in a huge range of conditions. Healing begins from the first treatment and each person’s journey is highly individual but includes renewed enthusiasm, joy, greater clarity and direction in life. 

After the client has received their twelfth treatment the process does not end there. In the next year or so there can be many more profound changes that occur for the client as their new cellular replication comes into force.

Amnanda means “the path to joy” and this is at the heart of all Amnanda treatments and the spirit of Ayurveda.

what are the treatment goals?

Our past experiences in life have the power to really shape our experience of our daily life and even our future – especially when they occur during childhood. Painful life experiences, stress and traumas, both physical and emotional, can remain with us and affect how we perceive things therefore impacting our daily living in ways that we may be totally unaware of. Past stress and traumas can colour our moods and feelings and can negatively affect our health, our relationships and even our ability to make good decisions in life.

Who can benefit from the Amnanda Process?

We are all affected by the experiences that naturally occur throughout life and the Amnanda Process restores our ability to move through these with greater ease and resilience. There may also be times though when we feel the need to reflect on where we find ourselves in life and wish to make changes. Amnanda is a beautiful process to facilitate and support many different life situations including:

  • Your quality of life is affected by past physical or emotional experiences and you wish to release, heal and rejuvenate.
  • You are at a new chapter in life. For example: starting a new career, during pregnancy, parenting small children, beginning a new relationship, approaching retirement or changing your lifestyle.
  • You want to gain clarity and the momentum to make positive changes.
  • You want to support your body through its natural aging process and maintain good health into old age.
  • You have experienced grief and loss in life and would like to find peace.
  • You simply wish to enjoy a greater sense of wellbeing, be more relaxed and happy.

But you don’t need a specific reason to embark on the Amnanda journey. It’s a beautiful beneficial process for everyone.

Amnanda is received only once in a person’s life. However, in a few limited cases Amnanda 2 can be received. This is more of a wellbeing treatment to merely enjoy being anointed by the herbal oils but the effect is very minimal in comparison to the first process.

Amnanda is suitable for adults aged 22 and over.

Amnanda Process Treatment Price & Details:

£95 per treatment (allow up to 65 mins per session)
Additional tea to support the process in between sessions needs to be purchased.

I use the highest quality socially sustainable products in my practice:
~ Fresh and individual earth friendly compostable sheets.
~ A new bottle of the highest quality organic oil blend made in Germany for each client on every visit.
~ Organic essential oil for oil diffuser.

Appointments are at the Centre for Natural Healing:
Violet Hill Studios
6 Violet Hill
London NW8 9EB

Violet Hill Studios is a beautiful, harmonious, healing oasis to receive Amnanda. I feel truly blessed to be able to work in this venue. It’s an extended family for practitioners and clients alike with spirit, love, care and warmth at its core.


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