My aim is to meet you wherever you are and gently guide you towards your personal next steps towards ease and relaxation within yourself, bringing you closer to your true self.’

Mita Shah


what others say...

‘Thank you Mita, we loved the retreat. We thought it was a very special venue with an amazing group of people and under your expert guidance we had the time and space to explore some things we wanted to and to move forward with our meditation practice.

Thank you so much...’

DA, Oxford

‘The retreat exceeded my expectations. I had known that there would be fabulous yoga & meditation sessions, but the venue was fabulous, the food was delicious and everything was so comfortable. I had not expected to laugh so much. The times sitting chatting to others were very special. I also enjoyed the silent period much more than expected.
I would absolutely recommend it to others. I would say -‘say yes and book as soon as you hear about a retreat with Mita – you will not regreat it!
I loved the venue with all the little touches. The videos in the afternoon were very interesting & thought provoking.
I enjoyed the visit to Ronda & the walk as it was nice to get outside of the retreat.
I loved it!…’

CB, Harrow

‘It was a magical journey and an enriching experience. The setting and our entire group, made the retreat a magical experience. The planning and logistics were perfect and smooth. Thank you, Mita for being so meticulous throughout and giving your support right from the start in terms of booking tickets, reminding us of the requirements and the small details. Spiritually, I felt uplifted and very much at peace. The schedule was a perfect mix of group activities and time to reflect. The food was perfect and so refreshing. If I had to use some words to describe my emotions throughout the retreat, I would say joyful, refreshed, blissful and loved. Thank you again for giving us such a wonderful experience.

I benefitted in more ways than I can describe. I feel much more energised and able to deal with the day to day challenges in a calmer way.

VS, Pinner

The whole experience was amazing. Mita really took us to new levels. The venue & teaching was second to none. Mita radiates energy & enthusiasm for yoga which is highly contagious. Definitely recommend her retreat!

A & S, Wembley


‘The experience left me with no adequate words to describe this feeling of rejuvenation of the whole of my being. Mita is so dedicated to imparting her knowledge of yoga – of the physical practice, the spiritual guidance and nurturing and healing the body with nutritious food and natural remedies. Her loving grace is so vibrant and evident to all who come in contact with her. I am truly blessed and feel so grateful for this opportunity of being part of this retreat. It has left me feeling more limber, more reflective and trying to accept the inevitability of this moment. Thank you Mita from the bottom of my heart.’

HS, Pinner

Fantastic balance between yoga and exploring a new region. I would definitely recommend Mita as a teacher, as it has been effortless from the booking process until we returned. Everything was taken care of! I really enjoyed space to myself as well as the intimate connections with others. I feel amazing after the last 5 days.

HS, Pinner

The whole experience addressed my purpose to have some space and learn more about yoga. It met more than my expectations. With Mita, it’s not just about yoga, its about the whole spiritual journey and experience and living more consciously. Mita as a teacher is absolutely amazing, she really connects with everybody individually, she recognizes their strengths and challenges and guides them accordingly.

LS, Pinner

'Very calming atmosphere in a beautiful setting. amazing accomodation & food. Amazing group of people and I felt very comfortable to share & reflect my experience. Great meditations & yoga classes. The whole weekend had variety, we have done lots but came away feeling rejuvenated & relaxed.'

SW, Essex

'The retreat not only met my expectations but went beyond it!
I enjoyed all of it including the yoga, meditation, the camaraderie between fellow guests, after dinner conversations. 
I would absolutely recommend it! This retreat provides the grounding and a pause to stay in the moment. Mita provided tools that one could then use in our daily lives.
Timings of the yoga and meditation allowed us plenty of time to engage in other activities in between such as treatment, walking, discovering the hidden gems within the resort.
Thank you Mita and Sanjay for making it happen!’

HS, Pinner

'I loved the retreat. I enjoyed meeting new people, the program each day and the location of the retreat. I was challenged with the yoga and totally relaxed too. It's definately taken me back to source and I feel grounded again.'

KG, Kingsbury

‘The retreat definately met my expectations. I loved the location. Mita & Sanjay, you both are amazing, so accomodating and such lovely spirits. The food were superb, staff were very good. The group numbers were just right and perfect amount of yoga & meditation. Would highly recommend it to others. Thank you Thank you Thank you…’

KC, Harrow

‘I came with no expectations, just a need to get some down time & rest. WOW! This place is magical beyond belief – a treasure to be found around every corner and the caves had such a special energy.
Mita’s caring & nurturing guidance was perfect and i feel really looked after by both herself & Sanjay. I loved the structure of each day starting with the energetic asanas practice with space during the day to just be and ending in meditations. Really got so much from Mita’s wisdom teachings & life lessons and enjoyed the video sessions. I will return home with much to reflect on. I came here really exhausted and wired up after a challenging year but feel I have been offered the space to come back to myself. Thank you…
Would absolutely definately recommend ot to others…’

DP, Pinner

‘The retreat met and exceeded my expectations! I loved the sense of space, the silent day, the yoga practice in the morning & meditation in the evening – a perfect balance.
YES would recommend it to others as long as there is space for me!
The venue was sublime – a great place with such amazing energy. Trip to Ronda was great as was the walk.’

HS, Pinner

‘The retreat 100% met my expectations. What I liked was the pace that yoga/meditation was set at. Venue was amazing with lots of great surprises and excellent food Thank you Mita for a wonderful time and all the support from Sanjay…’

MB, Coventry