50 of us gathered at a truly extraordinary Awakin Circle. Milan Rai humbly shared story after story, insight after insight of his labour of love journey of surrender, simplicity, honesty, grace and personal and collective transformation. He touched all of our hearts very deeply as he shared so authentically and we feel truly blessed to have been in his presence. His white butterflies continue to spread deep love, pure presence, joy, connection, hope and much more.

Awakin Circle Milan Rai

‘It doesn’t have to be anything unusual for it to be a miracle, everything is a miracle, even the most ordinary and mundane,” says Milan Rai, ‘I look around and see how people waste tremendous amount of energy in frustration, this butterfly is one of my efforts to channel that energy positively.’

Meet the Man Behind the “White Butterflies” Flying Across the Globe

A short film about visual artist Milan Rai and his art installation “9,000” butterflies” to commemorate the people who lost their lives in the earthquake in Nepal.

9,000 White Butterflies from Lucas Veuve on Vimeo.

‘The world is praying for Nepal in the midst of this disaster. But, the world too is suffering from other great challenges; there is war and violence, man-made climate change, political instability, hunger, modern slavery, poverty and impunity all around. Let us collectively pray to heal the world in these difficult times. May everyone be empowered to strengthen their communities and repair the breaches dividing nations and people. The need for solidarity in the face of natural disasters has connected us all. Let this solidarity not only come alive when the Earth starts shaking, but in every moment that it spins.’ ~ Milan Rai