We were delighted to host a special Awakin circle of sharing in London with Kai Sawyer from our Japan family. He is the founder of the Peace & Permaculture Dojo, Tokyo. We were all very deeply inspired by his journey, experiences and wisdom, as he held such a loving space that we all felt we could really open our hearts to share and ask. He reminded us of our best friend, the breath, which is always with us through all our challenges, fears, sorrows and joy.

With him was a remarkable 22-year-old angel named Akane, who touched us all with her tender purity and innocent presence. We felt particularly grateful that she shared her heartfelt journey of “becoming a student of this Planet Earth” — it was also her 22nd Birthday yesterday! 🙂

Thank you, to all, for your love, sharing, questions, smiles and laughter! It was such an uplifting evening of joy and connection.

May we create a dojo wherever we are, by simply breathing. May we spread love and compassion for the planet and all its beings.