Our ‘One Evening Only’ dinner took place on World Peace Day – Saturday, 21st Sep 19, and it was a magical success! Enjoy these photos of the event… 😃

It did take an enormous amount of planning and effort to organise this dinner. There was a fantastic team of 15 dedicated volunteers whose roles included curating the 7 course vegan tasting menu, cooking, plating the dishes, waiting, washing, photography and videography amongst other tasks. So grateful to all the volunteers, sponsors & supporters for their loving hearts, heads and hands.


The two charities we are supporting are Against Malaria Foundation (people) and Cool Earth (planet).

We have so far collected approx £7K including gift aid plus match funding amount.


The 30 guests who attended were served 7 courses over 5 hours. Here are some of their comments after the evening…..

“Ah Tasvi thanks to you and the wonderful team. What a very special evening you organised. It was absolutely fabulous. Every tiny detail you had so thoughtfully prepared was greatly appreciated and the food was just amazing. Better than any restaurant! Thank you to you all. I had so much fun and the company was fab. You must be so proud!”

“…. last night was amazing! I can not believe how much effort went into it, and also kept forgetting that everything was vegan! “

“Thank you for a great evening. The food, service and the company was excellent.
I don’t think most of us would appreciate about everything that goes into hosting such a meal: plan the menu, shop for ingredients, clean the house, set the table, cook the meal, serve the meal, clean the dishes, and then clean the house all over again. And all for a charitable cause.
It’s great to see young generation caring about the environment, climate and healthcare.
Thank you so much for having us.” 

“Hi Tasvi, Thank you so much for an incredible ‘Michelin 4 star’ dining experience! The food was out of this world, the presentation of each and every course was incredible, the service was impressive and the company amazing. Speeches were fantastic, Sally left a profound impression with what she shared, and Suraj & Akash articulated how important is for each one of us to consciously take heed of our carbon footprint.
Rishav was absolutely amazing every time he spoke.
It was clear to see that so much hard work had gone into organising the whole event so a massive thank you to you, your mum, dad, Mona and everyone who played a role.
And all for the two very worthy charities you chose to raise the funds for.
Well done, so proud of you, and thank you again.”

“Hope you are all rested from the amazing One Evening Only event and what a superb success it was!
Thank you so much for ensuring we got tickets – we had a lovely lovely time and were thoroughly impressed with the whole event – the detail which had gone event to its faultless execution deserves great praise and congratulations to all involved.”

We are grateful to Sally for sharing inspiration about World Peace Day and Akash & Suraj for sharing some insights into how we can help the planet by living more consciously. Here are some links that they shared:

Sally’s non-profit hub where you can sign up for the free 21-Days to Happiness package – http://www.happynesshub.com

Share more Waste less – https://olioex.com 

Enjoy these Photos of the event…

With love & gratitude,
The ‘One Evening Only’ Team