Your Creation
“Your whole personality, everything you are, is a complex accumulation of your impressions of life. This is like your software. It’s the volume of your impressions. Everything you have perceived has imprinted itself on your mind and on your energy. The very way your body behaves, the way your life energies behave is a result of past impressions. The very way you move your body is programmed.

What someone might call karma is the sum of the vast store of impressions you’ve taken on as your software. Because of these impressions you develop certain tendencies. These are unconscious. Your body, your mind, your emotions, your energies, everything works according to these tendencies that evolve because of the vast store of impressions. Unless one rises to a certain pitch of awareness and has a certain mastery over oneself, one is always being pushed and pulled by these unconscious tendencies. Even though you are pulled in a certain direction, all this was created by you, no one else but you.”

~ Sadguru