We all long for a freedom that can’t be confined…You may not have ever thought about this before, but an immense river of spiritual energy is flowing within you — right now. Tapping into this tremendous source of power changes everything; new and unthinkable possibilities suddenly appear. You know, without having to think about it, that you’ll never again feel “blocked” by some unwanted moment. The weary remains of old fears and worries are washed away. And best of all, you know you are never alone… even in the thick of life’s many trials.

You can sense this flow of energy inside of you right now just by doing a short exercise:
For just a moment… sit back in your chair… take a deep breath… and deliberately release all tension in your body. As your body relaxes — and you exchange your usual state of tension with your quiet awareness of it — just notice the difference in the quality of the energy you can now feel moving in and through you in the moment.

What you just experienced is the finer energy of life, and though rarely sensed, it’s always pouring into and through us. This silent celestial force not only serves to connect everything, but it animates all that it passes into and through… including you and me!

This is the higher order of being that already exists within you, another level of self that knows — without thinking — it has nothing in common with any negative, self-limiting thought or feeling. In fact, this new self fears no dark state, any more than the sun worries over what to do with a shadow!

This discovery, and its powers of liberation are just the beginning of something that is literally unimaginable… something that can’t be seen with your physical eyes. The real magic comes from Higher Self Awareness. Whenever we become aware of our body, our thoughts and our feelings (all at once) — so that we consciously connect ourselves to this wondrous flow of Real Life…An immediate and extraordinary exchange takes place. Suddenly, all of the energy inside of us that was going in 100 different directions — solving problems, feeling excited, being stressed, considering what other people think, judging our surroundings — becomes unified under the authority of a single intelligence.

This very special part of us can be called our True Self, and the dawning of our relationship with it is “Self-Realization”.

What is normally a mish-mash of thoughts, feelings, and tension inside of us becomes calm and orderly when attended by our True Self. Our heart rate slows, our mind becomes more still, and our surroundings become more clear and vivid. This leads to a host of real, tangible benefits in our life:
• Our relationships instantly improve because we are more sensitive to other people
• Our mind is quicker and more creative
• We are less susceptible to negative states
• We make better decisions because we can see situations more clearly
• Our bodies are healthier because we have less tension and make better life decisions

While most people in the world seek success and fulfillment by gaining powers and possessions outside of themselves, the wise man or woman realizes that success must come from the inside — not the outside. In reality, our happiness is determined not by what we have, but by what we are. By its light we see through the illusion of limitation and weakness. In its light we see the possibility of a new kind of compassion, wisdom, and love that unites us.

But you and I both know the problem. Two minutes from now life is going to rush back in — with its pressing demands — and you’re going to forget all about your connection to this deeper part of you. You’re not alone. It happens to everyone. What we need is a way to stay connected. Make no mistake: keeping yourself connected to this essence, without question, is the single most important thing you will ever do in your life.

But how? How do you keep connected when life is pulling you in so many different directions?

By daily regular commitment to whole being practices such as meditation, movement, breathing, contemplation – any practices that engage our body, mind, spirit, emotions, soul and heart to help us to grow, to cultivate more goodness, truth and beauty, to contribute to our world. Your whole life becomes practice, from the inspiring to the mundane.