Nothing Else Matters
The only thing that matters, that really matters at all,
is whether you are willing to be completely alive, awake and free,
this very moment – this very instant.
The only thing that makes any difference – any difference at all,
is whether you are willing to let go of all mental and emotional –
all historical and future versions of yourself and your life,
and simply be what you are, completely and absolutely, right now.
We are simply awareness – pure, infinite, and wide open.
Our nature is to be unconditionally kind, honest, wise and sincere,
tender, affectionate, sensitive and compassionate,
without reservation, right now.
It’s the most natural thing in the world,
and there is nothing real in the way.
Everywhere is your home.
Everyone is your lover, your child, your mother, your father, your sister, and your brother, your best friend. Every one is your own reflection.
Your heart is aching to be What you are,
to be Everything that you are,
on this breath.

~ Scott Morrison