Charity Water
Wanted to share this video with you about Scott Harrison, the CEO of Charity: Water – it’s a must watch!
Met him yesterday at an event organised by entrepreneur and best-selling author, Daniel Priestley, where Scott shared his story…What an amazing passionate being with an incredible mission!

He was recently interviewed by Forbes Magazine where he mentioned three top tips for entrepreneurs and business leaders: 

1. Story. You need to be able to tell your personal story in a way that engages people, and then the story of your organization or company. Many people want to know what is driving the entrepreneur forward, and learn more about his or her character before they invest. 

2. Tenacity. Being able to hear “no” and still press on, fighting through adversity and tough times believing that the perseverance will pay off. 

3. Find a coach. Scott is extremely fortunate to work with a coach over the last couple of years who built a hugely successful business, and has poured his learnings into him. Being open to, and in fact seeking out, negative feedback is key, especially when it hurts. The people who tell you how great you’re doing aren’t the ones who help you get better, it’s the ones who painfully expose your blind spots and challenge you to perform at a higher level.

“Scott is awesome, he runs charity:water like a great start-up. He understands virility and evangelism better than most folks in the industry. He’s disrupted the whole charity model.” 

– Daniel Ek, Founder of Spotify and now long-term donor to charity: water.