Entanglement or Liberation

Being involved but not entangled is the essence. Just do your practice in the morning. And throughout the day, be aware of the other aspects that were taught to you. You have to make it in such a way that every aspect of your life becomes yoga. Sitting, standing, eating, sleeping – everything is yoga. Yoga means that which allows you to reach your higher nature. Either you use your body, mind, emotion and energies to entangle and mess yourself up, or you use the same four faculties to liberate yourself, to move into higher and higher dimensions of blissfulness and wonderment within you. The instruments of imprisonment and instruments of liberation are not different.

Your body, mind, emotion and energy are all functioning, but at different levels for different people. In one person, the body may be dominant, in another the mind may be dominant, in another person the emotion may be dominant, while in another, the energy may be dominant. The proportions of this concoction are unique for each person, but it is the same four ingredients. You are all the four.

~ Sadhguru