Full Intensity of Life

You complain when life is happening to you in great measure. It is because you look at certain situations as good and others as bad, or certain situations as desirable and others as undesirable, that you ask yourself why these things are happening to you rather than just seeing life as life. The moment you step into the spiritual stream, life is happening to you in great measure, as if everything is on fast-forward. If you do not identify one thing as good and another thing as bad, you will see life is happening in great intensity – that is all.

You neither have love, hatred, lust or jealousy in you. You just have life in you. What you make out of it is up to you. You can make love out of it, blissfulness, depression or frustration. You can make it pleasant, unpleasant, ugly or beautiful.

If you want to turn spiritual, naturally you are seeking a larger slice of life. In fact, anything that you are going for in life is an effort to have a larger slice of life. Life in the sense of being, existence. Right now, you consider many things as life that actually have nothing to do with life in a deeper sense.

There are two fundamental forces in this living body. One is the instinct of survival – another is the longing to expand limitlessly. If you empower the instinct of survival, it always tries to play low, because survival means playing safe. If you empower the longing to become limitless, if you are seeking limitless expansion, if that is what all your energy is focused on, then there will be full intensity of life.

~ Adapted from Isha Blog