Choose to Change Now
You can’t change the kind of person you are later. There is no later. It’s always now or never. You can’t be kind later. And you can’t learn later. Choose to change now, and that moment will never come for you to worry about how to be better next time. Why? Because your conscious choice for real change in the present moment automatically cancels the need for a better you in a better future. All will be better for you now, which is the only time it really matters!

Each day presents countless opportunities for you to be free now. Learning how to use these moments leads to real inner change, which is the same as being in command of your own destiny. Following is a list of five of the many ways to remember that now is always the time to:

1. Follow What You Love

Put what you love first. The rest of your life will take care of itself because love always finds a way. Love never considers fear. And with love as your guide, your success in life is assured since its nature is already the perfect prize. Follow what you love. You’re sure to find a happy heart.

2. Do What Is True Regardless Of The Consequences

Choosing what is true in spite of fearing what that choice may cost you is the same as giving yourself a fearless life. Here’s why: Nothing you’re afraid of losing can ever be the source of your fearlessness. Do what’s true regardless of the consequences. All you can lose is fear.

3. Jump Into The Battle

True strength is the flower of wisdom, but its seed is action. To learn, you must jump into the battle. Fear not. You can’t be hurt in this fight. Any weakness voluntarily met is the same as greeting a greater strength. Never let a fearful thought keep you from this new strength. Enter the battle now!

4. Refuse To Be Self-Compromising

Drop any thought or action that creates conflict in the present moment for the promise of a better feeling to come. Your true nature is now. There is no later. You can’t be divided and be content. Choose to be whole. Begin by consciously refusing to compromise yourself.

5. Start Your Life All Over

Any time you choose, you can start your whole life over. And you can have just as many new beginnings as you’re willing to leave behind you all of your ideas about yourself. That’s what it means to start all over. Life can only be as new as you choose to be. Wake up. Start your life over now…

But even if there seem to be times when you can’t succeed with starting your life over, keep this one truth in mind: You can always start over again. The time to change your destiny is now!

~ Guy Finlay