How does one escape this entanglement-avoidance trap? This question confuses many. In a state of confusion, everything around you sticks to you! It is like you are covered by a super-glue coating, and every speck of dust adheres. Acquiring karma has nothing to do with performing good or bad deeds. You simply build karma within yourself with confused intentions and limited desires. After some time, you have such a mountain of karma around you that it becomes difficult to breathe.

How can one ever dismantle this enormous karmic mountain? The answer is simple: you don’t try to dismantle it. You just wash off the glue. The entire mountain will fall apart in an instant. How is this adhesive removed? Not through avoidance, but through conscious involvement. With conscious involvement, there is no possibility of ever getting stuck again.

Human desire can be limited or boundless. If you choose boundless desire, that is the end of karma. Alternatively, if you rise above your likes and dislikes, your narrow ideas of “mine” and “not mine”, that is the end of karma. Make your desire inclusive, make everything yours, become a mother to the world, and the possibility of being stuck vanishes forever.

~ Sadhguru