Searching for truth is itself a big illusion because whatever we term “the truth” is always and everywhere. We don’t have to search for it or seek it. It always is. The only problem right now is you are capable of experiencing life only through the limited dimension that we call “mind”.

Patanjali defined yoga as “chitta vritti nirodha”. That is, if you still the modifications or the activity of the mind, you are there: everything has become one in your consciousness. Yoga has innumerable devices, innumerable methods of working towards a still mind. We may be pursuing many things in our lives, we may be going through the processes that we call achievements in our life, but to go beyond the modifications of the mind is the most fundamental, at the same time, the highest achievement because this releases a human being from what he is seeking, from what is within and what is outside – from everything. He becomes an ultimate possibility if he just stills his mind.

What most people are after right now in their lives is fundamentally to achieve happiness and peace. But most spend a whole lifetime and never get to be truly happy or peaceful. Whatever happiness and peace that one knows in life is generally so fragile that it is always subservient to the external situation. So, most people’s lives go in trying to manage a perfect external situation – which is impossible to achieve. Yoga focuses on the inner situation. If you can create a perfect inward situation, no matter what the external situation, you can be in perfect bliss and peace.

~ Sadhguru