Welcome to Awakenings Blog
It’s great to have you here…thank you!

My wish in creating this space is to share inspiration, wisdom, tools and info from all around the globe to help us along our collective journey towards health, happiness and wholeness; to deepen and nurture the impulse to evolve that’s awakening in us right now.

We’re all on an endless evolutionary journey and it doesn’t matter so much where we are on this journey. What matters is our whole-hearted intention to transform and our willingness to keep reaching and stepping forward into new ways of being, engaging fully in life from a greater place of love.

So how do we begin or continue on this journey of becoming more conscious….we start where we are right now in this moment. The power of a deeper awareness of the true nature of the mind, its innermost essence, can set us free. We learn to start each moment from this deeper awareness which opens the doors of pure perception and frees our consciousness from deeply embedded primitive habit patterns that try to fix us within the current frames of self-identity.

I invite everyone to share their expertise and perspectives as we support each other in making the best evolutionary choices for our lives.

Thank you for being here.

Blessings of Love