Dr Yubraj sharma

Dr Yubraj Sharma

Dr Sharma is an expert in the field of alternative medicine and homeopathy, integrating homeopathy with standard sciences, Chinese medicine, astrology, anthroposophical medicine and spirituality. He provides lectures and seminars on numerous topics and is the author of: Homeopathy of the Solar System: Mercury, Spiritual Bioenergetics of Homeopathic Materia Medica, Volumes 1 and 2 and Spirit, Earth and Human Evolution.

If one could ask spiritual guides residing in the higher dimensions one problem with humanity, they would reply that humans on Earth do not meditate enough. There is little interest in regular meditation, until the personality reaches a crisis point and feels too stuck to continue its existence through the same behaviour as before. Meditation should ideally be taught from pre-school years to foster proper mastery of the child and young adult of their physical, emotional and mental life.

Meditation is a technique to develop faculties of the soul. It fosters the ability to focus and perceive a reality with soul senses.

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Principal Daily Meditations

Developed by Dr Yubraj Sharma, School of Shamanic Homoeopathy.

1. Basic alignment

1.1. Spirit mantra

I am the Monad
I am the Mighty I am Presence
I am the light divine,
I am love,
I am will
I am fixed design.

1.2. Ascension column

I invoke an invincible, invulnerable, permanent tube of cosmic light substance around me, of God and Christ light. This is the ascension pillar of light from the Holy Spirit Shekhina. Within this tube, I invoke a smaller tube of head circumference to my crown, soul, monad, up through the 352 levels of the Mahatma, to God. I bring this tube through my seven chakras to the earth core. I tune to the presence of God and send the sacred sound Aum up the tube of light to God. I listen for God’s responds back down to me as a shower of light and love.

1.3. Multi- dimensional grounding

I invoke a thick line of light from my Omega chakra (eight inches below my spine) up through my spine, through the eighth to fourteenth chakras above my head to my Alpha chakra ground in to the vastness of my spirit. I run 7 to 12 lines of light down from Omega, opening them around my feet like a cone, to stabilise myself across the parallel realities of the planetary hologram rather than into the earth.

1.4. The Mahatma

I invoke the Mahatma energy, embodying all 352 levels back to God, to fill every cell in my physical and all my bodies. “Beloved God and Mahatma, I choose now to accept and invoke a deep penetration of the Mahatma energy into my entire energy matrix, thereby allowing a fall open radiation of my divine Self in service to all that is, Now.”

1.5. The Greater Central Sun

Within my tube of light I reach out through my crown chakra to feel the Greater Central Sun at the centre of our source universe. This anchors the template of unity and the highest level of my Spirit. I now bring all aspects of my Spirit down through my body and to the earth core where I again feel a greater central Sun carrying the template of unity.

1.6 Anchoring levels of Self

I attune to and merge with my Golden Solar Angel/Celestial Guardian. I bring her into my heart centre. I feel her vibration of freedom, liberation and truth.

I attune to and merge with my Christ Oversoul. I feel its golden vibration of mastery, openness and perfection.

I attune to and merge with my Monadic Mighty I am Presence. I feel its vibration of totality of Being.

2. Surrendering to the Void

I surrender anything and everything, without fear, as anything resonating with my highest truth will remain. I create a shaft of light from the greater central Sun to form a fire of purification and renewal in my space, and anchor this into Earthstar at the planet core.

I put into the brilliant bonfire all the unfulfillments, incomplete tasks and obligations, unsupportive relationships, and people I no longer keep up with. I feel my lightness.

I build a pile of all my hurts and wounds, unrequited loves, sacrifices, abandonments, broken hearts, and all other hearts I have broken – and place these into the fire. My heart is now ready and cleansed for activating the One Heart.

I build a pile of all my roles since my first incarnation, all roles e.g. mother, father, child, lover, Angel, guide, healer, my divine mission, all religious and spiritual associations and my personal power. I put these into the bonfire and erase all hooks into duality.

I build a pile all the things I would like to keep, all my possessions, belongings, qualities, skills, powers, friends, family, loved ones, career, and my name. I place these into the bonfire.

I then place destiny and my self in the bonfire and burn away to the core. I experience the luxury of being and having nothing and no role as fire burns away slowly. I become wide open and free and will not hook back into anything old.

I know that I am stripped to my core self, re- calibrated with re- written inner scripts. I stand right where I am at this moment, and accept my journey. Everything is absolutely perfect. I let go of any imagined outcome or goal. I look at my life right now to see what evolutionary triggers are there, lessons abound in the Now.

3. Time management

3.1. Sending back all energy that belongs to other time co-ordinates past present future

Visualise a horizontal line spreading out to the left and right, and the left represents all your past, including all past lives; the future all your future and future lives. The centre holds your present moment, and a golden sun rests there.

Imagine that you breathe onto the central sun to split it in two, then see these roll to left and right. As they do so affirm that all vibrations that are currently in the `present` moment that belong to the past or the future are being dropped off to their correct time co-ordinates by the two suns. Visualise these vibrations perhaps falling out of the rotating suns like sparks of light. At some point the two suns will naturally stop, and then begin rotating back to the centre.

As they roll back affirm you are retrieving any and all vibrations in the past and future that rightly belong to the present moment. The suns` meet again in the midline and sense your increased awareness and stability in the present moment, feeling freer of past and future events and projections.
Dissolve the timeline image. You can repeat this meditation at any chakra point or organ in your body as well as for your overall general energy system.

3.2. Dissolving the timeline

The past never was. The future will never be. I am totally in the present moment, which is more than it seems. Feel the dissolving of the past and the future. I affirm that I am here in the present Now, all is perfect in the Now, I accept everything.

4. Subtle bodies integration

4.1. Physical body

I place sacred geometrical codes, fire letters, divine packets of light information, sacred mantras and colour frequencies around my chakras, tissues and organs.

I now call forth the full activation of my pituitary gland to create only the life hormone and to stop producing the death hormone.

I clear all the survival based codes within my physical body, which had been implanted at the start of earth life to give the exteriorised sense of vulnerability, need for survival and conflict issues with the environment. I realise therefore that there is no death or destruction.

4.2. Emotional body

I see my emotional body (e.g. a green sphere), and me as a physical being walk into it. I completely feel my emotional body inputting into me at all points. I then flow it all simultaneously into my heart centre (whilst retaining the sphere) and feel my heart expansion and integration.

I visualise my emotional body flowing in greater ways through the 4th dimension.

4.3 Mental body

I bring to awareness all the beliefs’, attitudes, memories, hopes, ambitions and dreams within my mental body. I clear all these with a blue flame of purification.

I then align my new mental body to the 5th dimension of all knowledge across time and space. (Visualise a crystal city or matrix)

4.4. Spiritual body

I ask for the combined collective help of my 11 other soul extensions, and that I am electrically connected to them, in my ascension process.

I now call forth the combined collective help of the 143 other soul extensions of my Monadic group in my ascension process.

5. Male-female balancing

I enter the right side of my body to experience my inner male.
I enter the left side of my body to experience my inner female.
I unify my male and female in the mid- line .

I reach out through my crown chakra to connect to my lover beyond the stars, my twin flame, and my eternal soul mate.

6. Chakra balancing

6.1. Chakra colours

I see my chakra column lighting up with the:
Base chakra – a ball of ruby red light
Sacral chakra – a ball of orange light
Solar plexus chakra – a golden-yellow light
Heart chakra – an emerald green-pink light
Throat chakra – a deep blue violet light
Brow chakra – a deep indigo-blue light
Crown chakra – a violet and silver light.

6.2. Chakra grids

I activate my 4th dimensional chakra grid.
I activate my 5th dimensional chakra grid.
I activate my 6th dimensional chakra grid.
I activate my one unified chakra.

Sacral: I clear all Lemurian karma from my sacral chakra.
Solar plexus: I clear all Atlantean karma from my solar plexus chakra.
Brow: I call forth the full opening of my third Eye and all my psychic and channelling abilities, to use in the glory and service of the Most High God and Divine Plan, and for all my brothers and sisters on Earth.

5. Flames of Divinity

5.1. Triple flame of Divinity

I feel the triple flame of divinity in my heart centre
I walk through my heart past the Gates of Eden into my holy of holies, innermost sanctum of my heart. Here I see the Greater Central Sun burning brightly.
I now feel my inner blue flame in the left side of my innermost heart, it relates to the father aspect of divinity, divine will, and links to my pineal gland. I now expand the blue flame until it envelops the whole of my right side and my male nature. I then sense all the blue flames of all beings outside of me.

I now feel my inner pink flame in the right side of my innermost heart, it relates to the mother aspect of divinity, divine love, the ability to perceive inter-dimensionally, and links to the pituitary gland. I now expand the pink flame until it envelops the whole of my left side and my female nature. I now feel the pink flames of all beings outside of me.

I now feel my golden yellow flame in the deepest centre of my heart, it relates to the divine androgynous Christ aspect of divinity, Christ consciousness, divine wisdom, and relates to my hypothalamus. I expand the golden flame until it fills my whole being with Christ consciousness. I now feel the golden flames of all beings outside of me

I now visualise a duplicate heart in front of me and place the three flames within it, blue on the right, pink on the left, golden in the centre. I send this heart spinning to the earth core to help Gaia receive the divine balancing. I expand this heart to surround all of Earth and humanity. I now visualise a pink heart and send it to the earth core in divine limitless mother love, encompassing the whole earth. I release the pink heart to let it flow into a liquid limitless pink love.

5.2. Four-fold Flames of Yahweh

I enter my innermost sanctum within my heart. I activate the four flames, i.e.

Flame of Love as Requirer (deep-green)
Require of me whatever it takes.
A complete surrender to Divinity and Calling to the Living God.
Opening to the Flow of Lovingkindness and Opening all Systems to Spirit

Flame of Love as Purifier (deep-blue)
Subatomic Regeneration, Blueprint Regeneration, Genetic/Physical Regeneration
Emotional Regeneration, Mental Regeneration, Spiritual/Holographic Regeneration

Flame of Love as Sanctifier (deep-yellow)
Spirit provided on an as needed basis.
Receiving Yod Spectrum Superscripts, Receiving the Divine Image and Similitude
Receiving the Resurrection (Christ) Codes, Receiving Gifts of the Holy Spirit
Receiving the Mind of Divinity (Direct Merkabah Instruction), Receiving Full Divine Embodiment

Flame of Love as Redeemer (deep-red)
Co-creating Heaven on Earth, The Economy of Light
The Communities of Light, The Temples of Light, The Academies of Light
The Government of Light, The Merkabah of Light (The New Jerusalem)

8. Invocations

8.1. Invocation to the silver ray

I call upon the Elohim of the silver ray
To pour divine Grace through my bodies

I call upon the Elohim of the silver ray
To release all karmic patterns
To release all pockets of resentment
That I may know joy

I call upon the Elohim of Grace
To fill my being with forgiveness
To fill my life with gratitude
And fill my heart with celebration

I call upon the Elohim of the silver ray
To release my bodies of pettiness
To break the yoke of hatred
And free my soul

I call upon the Elohim of Grace
To fill me with the joy of living-Now!
8.2. Awaken vow break

I now rescind any and all vows that I have taken to experience the illusion of unconsciousness.
As light bearer of my genetic linkage, I break these vows for all my ancestors and myself.

I declare these vows null and void in this incarnation, and all incarnations across time and space, parallel realities, parallel universes, alternate realities, alternate universes, all planetary systems, all source systems, all dimensions, and the void

I ask for the release of all crystals, devices, thoughtforms, emotions, matrices, veils, alien implants, elementals, cellular memory, pictures of reality, etheric debris and mucus, genetic limitation, and death. Now!

Under the law of Grace and by the decree of decree!
By the decree of decree! By the decree of victory!

As Spirit wills, I ask for awakening! As Spirit wills, we are awake!
In the beginning, I am that I am!
B’resheet Ehyeh Asher Ehyeh!
Clearing fear-based programmes
I ask for the fear matrix removal program from Spirit to descend, and with the help of my Spirit Guides, to remove all fear-based programs out of my energy field, consciousness and four body system – Now!
Visualise the black weeds of fear being plucked out of your Crown chakra as this happens.
Clearing duality programmes

I unpin from the third dimensional duality based ………. grid.

I align to the multidimensional unity based………… grid.

Examples of grids to place into the spaces above are:

  • Economic and monetary grid
  • Political grid
  • Religious and spiritual grid
  • Educational grid
  • Relationship grid
  • Sexual grid
  • Pornographic grid
  • Fashion industry grid
  • Parking and parking restrictions grid (good to do whenever one has a parking ticket!)
  • Law and legal grid
  • Medical grid
  • Drug industry (pharmaceutical) grid
  • Alternative medicine and healing grid
  • Energy grid
  • Homoeopathy grid